30 day meditation challenge

Being a highly anxious and sensitive person, I often start and finish the day feeling unstable and restless.
And my choice of drug was food.
I use food binge to numb these emotions.
In my recovery, I’ve tried journaling which very effectively allowed honest outlet of thoughts and feelings. Yet, when I am in the moment of anxiety and stress, my go to is still food.

I’ve always heard of meditation being effective for addiction of all kinds. But I would always wander around in my thoughts and had never experienced “moment” of peace through it.
During the summer, I had the chance to focus more on my recovery, and I decided to give meditation a chance.
And it did help me calm down and blur temptations in some cases.

I’ m thus committing to doing meditation for 30 days.


Basically whenever I am feeling anxious.
Before I sleep, when I get home, when I am anxious, and when I wake up.
–These are usually the times I feel anxious, and my default is to turn to food.

What to use:

Body scan, lovingkindness, mountain meditation, and sitting meditation from craving to quit app on my phone. (10min guided mediation).

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