Do you have trouble making friends?

It might be the case that you are unknowingly yet effectively hiding yourself.

When I studied abroad, I was making friends automatically. And I literally mean automatically. It was like when I realized, I was surrounded by many wonderful people.
Being someone who always had a hard time making friends, it is intriguing now that I think of it.

It was not the product of my conscious effort.
But it’s not a coincidence at all either.

When I studied abroad, I was inarguably much more self-confident and positive person.

What this means in a deeper level was that I was willing to be known by others, and willing to know others.
This produced engagement, which I think is the gist of friendships and relationships.

I was putting myself out there, and happily interacted with others.
As narcissistic as it may sound, I would want to befriend myself. Because when you hang out people who are secure in themselves and positive with others, you just feel good.

Step 1: be secure in yourself. This starts from stop hiding yourself. Just putting ourselves out there. It requires practice but it is effective.

Step 2: be genuinely interested in others.
What can I learn from others?
Everyone has a story. Interesting looking people may have breathtaking life experiences. The most normal looking person, will have experienced something that will take your breath away.


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