Having a self-free day

I get frantic about many things, most prominently academics.
Although I know my worth does not come from how much I am capable of, it’s a struggle to not measure myself by my achievements and accomplishments.

And this way of putting my self-esteem in the hands of the uncontrollable, always sets myself up for anxiety and desperation.

When I do get my results, I am pressured to achieve more. I become the prey to the fear of “what if I fail next time” and “I can’t lose what I just earned”.

When I do not achieve a certain goal or a desirable grade, I get dejected, discouraged, and depressed.

It never serves me right.

What I like to do when I get too caught between myself like this, is to stop thinking about myself, or the things that I hang on so hard to (academics).

Yesterday, I was listening to the school of greatness podcast and stumbled upon an interview episode with Tai Lopez.
He was saying something like it works best when we do 50% for ourselves, and 50% for other people.
And I thought this was very insightful.

When I m emotionally unstable, I can’t really think. And it’s helpful to have something to just automatically follow.

So in those stressful seasons,

I try to decide that in a week,

3 days of working on my stuff, 3 days of working for other people’s interest, and 1 day of rest.

When I focus on myself, I almost always get into the cycle of too much pressure and letting myself down.
It just doesn’t work well when I think too much about myself.
Serving others or doing something for others can allow us to take a break from our ego.

So today, I m going to refrain from studying, working on my thesis, or any other school/career related stuff.
And just use my time for the translation things that my friends have asked me to help them with.

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