A letter exchange between apple and strawberry

Apple to strawberry

Hi strawberry,

I m writing this letter to tell you that I’ve always dreamed to be like you.
It’s my greatest fantasy to be a small berry–like you, blueberry, and raspberry.

First off, you guys have friends with you all the time. I mean you’re always sold in “sets”.
I always wonder what fun conversation you guys have when you sit together tightly in a grocery store.

Must be nice to have so many friends.
On the contrary, I m always alone. Me and my friends oranges are always sold alone.

And it must so nice to be that petit.
You are delicate, so people take good care of you and treat you nicely. They put you on fancy cakes.
You know what we get? We get cut. Because we re apparently “too big.”

We’re also cheap and too ordinary.
You guys are expensive, you’re just worth more.

When people hear our names, they are like “it’s apples and oranges again. How boring.”

When people hear strawberry, they get excited. Their eyes brighten.

This is not just because we’re too big.
You hear this even when we’re made into juice.
Tell them “apple juice and orange juice” and no one cares.
Tell them “strawberry juice” and you see people looking up from their phones.

Damn, life must be so good being a berry.
I want to be small.
You’re everyone’s idol.



Strawberry to apple:

Hi apple!
OMG it’s so nice to hear from you!! You know, I’ve always admired you!!!
I mean YOU are my idol!!!!

Our lives as berries, actually isn’t as good as you imagine.

Yes, because we’re always sold in sets, so we do have many “friends”.
But we’re totally dependent on each other.
We can never go anywhere alone.
Have you ever seen us sold as a single strawberry? No.
Even if we are more expensive together, we are worth nothing alone.
We can’t even be sold.
We never grow to be independent. How sad.

You have so much presence alone. You don’t need your friends all the time.

You don’t need your “cliques” all the time like an insecure teenager.

You’re so secure.

And yes, we are fancy.
And we may cost more but what’s the point of being more expensive when no one buys you?
In many parts of the world, we berries are too expensive.
So people take few glances at us and than it’s you apples and oranges that they end up buying.
Being admired and loved (bought and eaten) are totally different things.
When you are just admired, that’s the loneliest thing on earth.

People love you, so they make a lot of you.
They even make you into juice because YOU GUYS SELL.

Life as berries are not rainbows and butterflies.
But what can you do?
We just try to be positive.


We get cut into pieces too, sometimes.
Especially when we get on top of fancy cakes.
I know. I can’t believe it either.
Like we’re not small enough for fancy cakes. We re never small enough for them. So dumb. Those fancy cakes, so not worth it.
Humans. Sigh.


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