Being “the other one” no one pays attention to

I’ve always been “the other one”.

That no one pays attention to.

“〇〇’s friend.”

“XX’s friend”.

When I m traveling with my friend, everyone “we” talk to, only talks to “her.”

They never look at my eyes when talking.

Even when I am the one buying, the shop clerk talks to her and don’t even give me a glance.

This used to make me feel not enough.

And less than.

It would make me want to people-please to the point I became unaware of what I wanted.

But it’s not true.

The reason why I feel uncomfortable is because I am worthy

so I deserve to be treated right.

Some things I can do is to be more engaging.

But if that doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter.

Because I am worthy.

And sometimes other people are just other people.

The important thing is that I do the work.

Even if nothing changes, if I can be a little more engaging than yesterday,

than that’s progress.

small steps goes a long way.


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