3 characteristics of all individuals

All individuals are..

1. Like “no other” individuals

(e.g. Genetic endowment, non-shared experiences)

2. Like “some other” individuals

(e.g. ethnicity, race, SES, age, gender, sexuality, religion, etc)

3. Like “all other” individuals

(e.g. Homo sapiens)


Why people leave

Because their job is to come into your life, let you grow, and leave.

People who come into our lives have  important roles in our lives.

They help us love and grow and forgive.

Some people’s jobs are to stay forever.

But others, their job is to come in, and then leave, never to return.

Because this is their role and the best for us all.

How to be free

When you can stop being perfect, you can be good.

When you can stop being good, you can be great.

When you can stop being great, now you can be free.

(Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert and John Steinbeck and many of my other inspirations)

When you can’t like someone you love

“The lack you see in others creates a lack in you. ” (Gabrielle Bernstein)

I always thought that when you dislike someone’s personality (e.g. laziness),

It reflects that you have that too.T

But turns out, it’s much deeper.

When you focus on that aspect of them, it drags you down.

and you will end up controlled by that negativity.

So I will try to see the goodness of God in everyone.

Why God allows sufferings

Be skeptical to the people who give you a clear-cut answer as to why..

you have lost a child, or

you struggle with mental health, or

your addiction is killing you, or

Any unbearable pain.

But one thing that I believe to be true is..

When you meet someone else who lost a child or struggles with mental health or whose addiction is killing them,

you can say to him or her

“me too” and “we will be okay.”

(From and inspired by: school of greatness podcast interview with Rob Bell)

Why we value compliments from other people more than ourselves?

Because we don’t value ourselves.

I learned from the school of greatness’ podcast with Marian Williamson that this is because

We don’t value ourselves enough to value compliments and approval that comes from ourselves.

Not to mention that we don’t give enough compliments and approvals to ourselves.