A lie about loneliness

I am not scared of being lonely “now.”

I am scared of being lonely “forever.”

I mistakenly interpreted that “lonely now” means “lonely forever.”

But this is a lie.

I have had my not lonely times.

Loneliness like emotional discomfort, will pass eventually.

So if I just let it pass, let that loneliness pass, I will be okay.

When I am lonely, I feel very scared and miserable.

I’ve always thought, this was just because we need people in our lives.

But recently, I have come to realize that I am miserable and scared not because of now.

I am scared that I will be lonely forever.

This is what terrifies me.

My definition:

Lonely = no one wants me = I am worthless

I am completely fine being alone the day before or after meeting up with friends.

Because these times, I know that I am not “not wanted.”

So even if I feel “not wanted”, I know that it is just a lie that will pass if I don’t linger on it.







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