Differentiating voices

Negative Voice : you are not acceptable and attractive because your eyes are not big enough, and your body is not small enough.

Me: I can be beautiful by smiling, having my posture straight, and speaking louder.
Smiling is a bliss.

Negative Voice : but you will struggle with your eyes and feel depressed looking at your picture forever.

Me : forever? Hmm looking at my recent pictures, I see myself smiling and happy.

Before when I was in my anorexia, I did smile in the beginning, but that smile did not last.

That smile came from the validation of others, my numbness to problems, and obsession with thinness.

These never filled me in the end.

I felt equally miserable, lost, and needy.

Now, I can give myself a pat on the back when I feel down.

I can congratulate myself for my hard work.

And I can accept myself even if thing unfold in an unexpected way.

My smile now is everlasting, I am smiling from my heart. I have control of my smile. Not other people.


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