Public speaking: Why we don’t feel nervous in front of 5 year olds but panic in front of 25 year olds..

Because we think that the 25 year old have something we don’t have.

That something, makes us feel inferior.

It can be…intelligence, social grace, assertiveness, attractiveness, looks, humor, height, intimidation, intellect, vitality, etc.


We only think in this way this because we have not yet seen the strengths in ourselves.

What do we have that they may not have?

Is it the smile, the softness, the kindness, the perceptiveness, the hard work, the dedication?

If you can’t find it, keep looking.

There is always something in us.

When we are constantly in contact we that part of ourselves,
And focus on that part,
We can be confident.

Even in front of that intimidating person.

Because no one is perfect.

We are just the best in our best parts.

Some are just more obvious than others.

Being obvious does not mean it is more important.

It just means it’s pretty conventional.

(Inspired by Dr. Demartini)

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